An MoU was agreed upon by the Centre for Management Development (CMD) Thiruvananthapuram and Social Empowerment and Economic Development Society (“SEEDS”) Impact, Delhi for projects and academic collaboration

Centre for Management Development (CMD), Thiruvananthapuram, and Social Empowerment and Economic Development Society (“SEEDS”) Impact, Delhi have agreed to work together. The signed MoU in this regard was exchanged by Ms. Richika Tyagi, General Secretary, SEEDS Impact, and Dr. Suresh G., Former Director, CMD, Thiruvananthapuram on 11th December 2021. Both parties will explore the opportunities to work together and reach out to prospective clients for implementing projects, training programmes, and sustainable livelihood development based on socio-economic development, Identify and share opportunities that are of mutual interest and match the core competencies of both organizations as well as their partners, development of projects leading to economic development, area development, building social capital, enterprise development with a focus on marginalized communities and gender, identify opportunities in multi-sectoral value chains, both within and outside India, the focus is on development of MSMEs, and agriculture & related sectors, Projects of area development including local area development, public-private community partnerships, etc., building and strengthening local institutions (such as FPOs, etc.), monitoring and evaluation of projects, impact assessment, action research, pilot studies, publication, etc., target projects funded/supported by CSR multi-lateral / bi-lateral agencies, donors, Govt., etc. have been agreed upon with this MoU.

Ms. Sujatha Panda, Treasurer, SEEDS Impact, Mr. Neeraj Kapoor, General Body Member, SEEDS Impact, Shri. Riyas K. Basheer, Associate Professor, CMD, Dr. Lakshmi. S., were witnesses for the event.