Consultancy requires deeper knowledge, strong passion, experience and expertise and in that sense, it is more than giving advice. The Centre supports different clients in decision-making on policies and in developing administrative practices and systems through consulting assignments. We take up Organisation Studies, services related to Strategic Business Management & Turnaround Strategies, Financial Management, IT and Related Activities, Commercial FIDIC Support, Procurement Support, Quality Management Certification Support, and Documentation and Data Security.

Organisation Studies

CMD addresses the issues that hinder the individual and organizational effectiveness of its client organisations through:

Studies, Organisation Development and Productivity Enhancement Studies

CMD undertakes work studies and Productivity Enhancement Studies in Government and other public sector organisations to enhance the production efficiency of a firm /organisation by eliminating wastes and unnecessary operations

Succession Planning Studies

CMD conducts Succession Planning Studies to identify, develop, and make the people ready to occupy higher level jobs as and when they fall vacant.

Strategic Business Management & Turnaround Strategies

CMD provides Strategic Business Management and Turnaround Strategy options for various State owned Enterprises.

Restructuring Services for Enterprises

CMD offers reorganizing an enterprise’s legal ownership, organisational, operational or other structures to better serve its stakeholders.

Business Process Re-Engineering Services

CMD helps organisations to fulfil their objectives and produce outstanding results by reinventing, rethinking and redesigning the way work is done through its Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) consulting support.

Financial Management Services

Cost Management Services

CMD works with the clients to determine how the scope, the entire design purpose and the customer objectives of the project may impact the budget. CMD also undertakes cost planning/budget development, cost estimating, project cost management, risk management, cash control and cash flow forecasting.

Asset Valuation

CMD takes up valuation services for Government and Private organisations for all mortgage and other fixed income classes in the financial industry.

Credit Rating Services for SoEs

CMD provides credit rating services to various State Owned Enterprises by evaluating the firm’s financial viability to identify the risk element attached to it and its overall health.


Development of MIS & Dashboards

For enhancing the operational capacity and reducing the costs of operations, CMD provides services for the design and development of Management Information Systems and Dashboards to aid proper and timely decision making for the firms.

IT Infrastructure Planning

CMD offers IT infrastructure planning services for defining and refining the role of technology within the organisation and identify what is needed in the way of equipment, applications and manpower to fulfil that role.

IT Support Services

CMD also helps its client organisations to digitize their operations, build applications for their services and improve efficiency through the enhanced use of ICT tools and various Information System Certification support services.

Commercial FIDIC Support Services

CMD provide services to Project Planning, Possible delivery method, Formulation of a design brief, Basic design, Cost plan and programme, Contract preparation, Tender documentation, Calling of tenders, etc.

Procurement Support Services

Under Procurement Support Services, we offer services like Need Assessment and Bid Process Management.

Quality Management Certification Support

CMD provides quality management system certification support to various Organisations, agencies and local governments in establishing and auditing their systems for various ISO Certifications for Quality.

Documentation and Data Security

CMD offers documentation across the Project Life Cycle for organisations to record processes and reiterate learning from projects. As reliable data security is critical to an organisation, CMD provides consulting in every aspect of cyber security, from strategic program design to the most technical engineering challenges.